D. Lizada Korean Red Ginseng Corporation (Formerly Lizada KRG Center) was established on September 13, 2001 with a sole objective to address the overwhelming number of people who were infected with a killer disease known as Hepatis-B which is clinically incurable according to medical conclusion. But, through a revolutionary research and tideous studies performed by the collection of multi-national herbal scientists and Ginseng scholars done on this centuries-old natural medicine which is traditionally known “the King of Herbs”, a marvelous results was indeed gathered that one of its Pharmacological activities has an adverse effect against the Hepa-B virus. Thus, D. Lizada KRG Corp. started to administer it an initial collection of patients specifically inflicted by the said disease. The result was tremendously overwhelming and satisfactory as expected! The recovery was then in constant progress until it reached the zero conversion of HbsAg marker or a non-reactive stage as manifested on their diagnostic results. And from then on, uniform concerns from different regions keep coming to the company's attention which are being promptly acknowledged and attended and definitely gaining consistent success of recoveries from Hepatitis B and as well as other incurable diseases like Diabetes, Cancer and many other.

And until the recent times, D. Lizada KRG Corporation is consistently gaining a very significant figure of positive responses and recognitions from all the levels of the society. Many people suffering from different illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, endocrine system impairment, hypertension and many other diseases are uniformly diverting in this natural modality of healing which end to a definite result - CURE!

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Hepatitis B
It was in the later days of year 1999 when the World Health Organization was alarmed by the spreading cases of death caused by Hepatitis, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, and that includes the Philippines. As of now statistics shows that almost 15 % of 95 million Filipinos were being infected by the said disease, but the record shows that only those who were being examined and undergone the specific blood test had been known of their infection. Meaning, many more are still unaware about their physical condition with regards the Hepatitis-B.Considered one from among the fatal diseases, Hepatitis – B is almost a discreet illness for the reason that it manifests no any symptoms until it reaches to a graver extent called the liver cirrhosis, a one step backward from liver cancer.

Hepatitis – B is a blood – borne (viral) disease which is literally transmitted through blood. The virus could be transferred from person to person through a contaminated instrument accidentally or unknowingly used by an infected individual. Among common instances of transmission may happen in barber shops, beauty parlors, tattoo and body piercing shops or even dental clinics could be a perfect source. Other forms of transmission can happen during sex (a laceration on the part from both party serves as a point of entry of virus carried in the blood), and the vertical transmission, which involves an infected mother during giving birth. And in this case it requires the infant to be immunized immediately before 24 hour lapse after birth. Medical personnel are no excuse in acquiring the virus. In fact, they are much in prone to the danger, especially in emergency medicines or even an accidental (used) needle prick.

Once transmitted, the virus has an incubation period of five to six months. Earlier stage of infection (that is up to six months after the incubation period) is called the acute stage which the doctors says can be a self – limiting, depending on how strong is the immune system of the person infected with but a great contributing factor of clean living and healthy lifestyle. But if the person is not so lucky or live opposite to what is mentioned, it may progress to a chronic stage (or more than six months to years of infection).

Clinically, there is no cure for chronic Hepatitis – B as far as modern medicine is concerned. But under our management in treatment with application of our herbal medicines (the Korean Red Ginseng) many were being helped to recover from their positive stage and converted into zero conversion or negative status. (Please call (02) 736 – 7691 or 736 – 7732 for more information) Laboratory results show the gradual descent of the HbsAg titer count until it subsides to the cut – off value and it can be remarked as a “negative” or “non – reactive” status (cured). Our gravest case in record so far that had also undergone a successful recovery was a terminal patient with liver cirrhosis. Really dying and bed – ridden (after a few months of conventional treatment), probably were the obvious factors for the doctors to give him a term of two months to live (that was on 2004). Thankfully he is after undergoing into our management and treatment with the application of our alternative medicine, the man fully recovered and personally sharing his experiences in the medication that basically aided him out from a probable death. His case was a Liver Cirrhosis, secondary to Hepatitis – B. Many more were being benefited by the great and proven efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng which is considered and named to be the “King of Herbs”.

The testimonies and records shown here were just from those who voluntarily shared their successful recoveries as a thankful complements with the intention to serve as an inspiration to many who suffer a great ordeal due to depression brought by this incurable illness. Other was just extending a message of thanks after a successful treatment, for the ground of confidentiality (Note: All Hepatitis – B records are kept confidential).

Though a light of hope to recover from this so called incurable disease has been shed to many, the period of treatment is still cannot be pre-determined because it varies from case to case basis (the fastest recovery in record was a chronic Hepatitis – B that was treated for only a month). There are absolute contributing factors that were being considered to affect the recovery period. Among these are: Our body chemistry, which deals on how fast or how responsive our body is to the benefits yielded by our herb (the Korean Red Ginseng). Clean living and healthy diets which includes only all natural foods for consumption, thus basically eliminating all processed foods from your diet. Healthy lifestyle, stress and depression-free being to both physical and mental entity have also a substantial effect for recovery. (All those facts are being discussed comprehensively through seminars and lectures conducted by Ms. Digna Lizada in Rm. 601, Manufacturers Building Inc. (MBI) plaza Sta. Cruz Manila). So therefore, all the facts mentioned were considered complementary treatment while under the medication of KRG.

root-korea-map What is Korean Red Ginseng?
Traditionally, it is a herbal medicine which had been widely used in prescription by our neighboring oriental countries like China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan long before the rise of our modern civilization. Ginseng was mentioned as early as between 48 and 33 B.C.. Now in our modern times, no other herbs share such a high popularity before the curiosity of international herbal scientist because of its extraordinary healing property. Ginseng root often resembles a human figure – a feature that probably accounts for the word Ginseng which means – “the man-root”. The more the human-like the root is, the more valuable it is. The age of the root is the prime important factor in assuming the humanoid shape, and nevertheless - its potency. Throughout the world, herbal scientists have been trying to unveil the mysteries of Ginseng, “The King of Herbs”. In recent years, beneficial effects of Ginseng for various ailments such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, hepatic disorders, arteriosclerosis, anemia, prostate, tumor formation, infertility and impotency, myoma, goiter, kidney & heart (coronary) problem, lung diseases, arthritis, or even HIV virus, has been reported .It has also a general tonic property which enables a constant cell rejuvenation in our body that causes the delay of any signs of aging (anti – aging effect).

Nowadays, Ginseng is grown scientifically due to the expanding demands. And after all the consideration regarding the regional environmental condition consisting of climatic, topographical, and best-soil quality, Korea is clearly the best-suited for Ginseng cultivation. So ideal, that Korea seems to be Godly-gifted.

The reason behind this fact is that Ginseng has various species and the quality of each is classified according to origin and which contains the highest count of ginsenosides and saponins (an active components found in Ginseng Extracts that performs a multiple Pharmacological activities).

1. Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer which grows in Korea; and the Red Ginseng (6 yrs old Ginseng root) has a total of 30 ginsenosides while the white ginseng (younger than 6 yrs. old Ginseng root) has only a total of 22 ginsenosides.
2. Notoginseng (Burk) F.H. Chen (San Chi Ginseng) grows in China has only a total of 15 ginsenosides.
3. Panax trifolius L. (Dwarf Ginseng) grows in NorthEastern America has 14 ginsenosides.
4. Panax Pseudoginseng Wall – grows in Nepal and the Eastern Himalayas has no recorded contents of ginsenosides.
5. Panax japonicus C.A. Meyer (Bamboo ginseng) – grows in Japan has the lowest count of eight ginsenosides.

So, the elaboration about the ginseng classification and its species clearly explains that not all the Ginseng found in the market has an absolute Pharmacological efficacy and health benefits. That is why Korea is always considered as the best producer of premium and quality Ginseng. But, though it is always regarded that Korea is the origin of the world’s best quality Ginseng, the illustration shows that only 26% of the country’s Ginseng cultivation area is best suited that produces the superior quality. Being monitored by the government under their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), producers in this area maximizes the six yrs. old (1,800 days) maturity of the Ginseng plant in order to be classified as a Red Ginseng (Note that below the 6 yrs. maturity, Ginseng is classified as White Ginseng). And one among the selected and multi-awarded companies from Korea, is the Korean Ginseng Research Co. Ltd. that facilitates the availability of their prestigious product to the Philippines and distributed exclusively by D. Lizada KRG Corp.
(Tel. Nos. (02) 736-7732 , 736-7691, 736-7895)

So therefore, other producer from a larger 74% of their land for Ginseng cultivation produces lower quality Ginseng products (the White Ginseng). And here in the country, most of the Ginseng multi-branded products spread in the market are labeled with Korean Red Ginseng mark and we aim to inform the public that the authentic Korean Red Ginseng is not a “product-over-the-counter”. That is the reason why it is standard in our procedures to render an orientation to every coming interested individual before availing the product and consume it as medication or as maintenance for general health tonic purposes. And most importantly, it is approved by the BFAD,ISO certified, and the only ginseng product recognized by the USA - FDA.

The price of quality ginseng extract ranges from 1,600 Pesos (30g) which is consumable for 1 week to 10 days on a regular dosage. 2,600 Pesos (50g) which is good for more than 2 weeks, and 11,000 pesos, (240g) that lasts for 2 to 3 months. Note that the period of consumptions mentioned is based on a regular dosage of 2 scoops diluted into ¼ cup of hot water taken 1 hour before meals 3x / day (if the user is treating a specific or multiple illness). If applied as maintenance or for preventive, the dosage is lessened and the consumption extends naturally longer. There is also a capsule preparation that costs 25 Pesos each.

Normally and most of the time, people get usually intimidated to the price of the KRG. Maybe it is because we are accustomed to the use of Western or conventional medicine which are all very specific. So specific that a patient was normally being prescribed with multiple kinds of drugs that each one works independently but sometimes subsequently complicates to the other, thus, in long term medication produces an ill or side-effects. Korean Red Ginseng is classified as food supplement and is very specific (scientific name is “Panax”, which means “cure-all”. So its curative property works adoptogenically to whatever illness or disease the patient has; definitely no side effects and overdose because it is all natural. And besides, after considering the period of its maturity of 6 yrs. in organic cultivation before it is harvested and laid into manufacturing, probably the price is just reasonable for a quality and premium authentic Korean Red Ginseng. So people must be cautious if the Ginseng they found costs much a lower price (lower quality ginseng widely available in many over-the-counter drugstores and being dispensed or sold without a complete orientation about its details and efficacy with presented claims and documented lab results.

You can send us your inquiries and any of your particular concerns that we will hopefully satisfy through this link or in any medium available to you.